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Flexacoat - Flexible Epoxy Coating

The CHEMRITE®  Flexacoat® is a high solids, high build, flexible epoxy-based coating which provides excellent chemical and abrasion resistance to steel and concrete. It is easy to clean and coloured to the AS2700 colour range.


CHEMRITE®  Flexacoat® is a 2 part compound that can be applied by roller, brush or airless spray. CHEMRITE®  Flexacoat® has a high degree of elasticity that will not become brittle after long exposure. Flexacoat can be manufactured to almost any colour. Please contact CHEMRITE Technologies to discuss our colour options.

Some other features:

  • Solution and colour stable
  • Good through-cure
  • Can bridge cracks up to 2mm wide
  • Bonds well to most smooth and rough surfaces
  • Bonds well to damp surfaces
  • Excellent resistance to a wide range of aggressive chemicals
  • High flexibility
  • Low VOC’s
  • Impermeable to water
  • Easy to apply

Typical applications

  • New constructions
  • Concrete structures that have low cover
  • Tunnel linings (extrados)
  • Maintenance
  • Steel structures
  • Trusses and beams
  • Generally, to coat areas where minor movement may be expected




Work time  (@25°C , 55% RH )

30 minutes

Chemical resistance (acids, chlorides, petrochemicals, etc.)

Excellent (discolouration may occur)

UV resistance




Bond Strength (concrete)

Ø  3 MPa (concrete failure)

Tensile Strength

19 MPa

Ultimate elongation


Abrasion resistance


Flammability (EN ISO 11925-2)

Class E

Shelf life

12 Months


AS 2700

Work time  (@25°C , 55% RH )

30 minutes


Preparation and application

Concrete Preparation

Concrete should be cleaned free from grease and oil. When clean, remove all surface laitance or lose particles by grit blasting, grinding or scabbling.

Steel Preparation

Abrasive blast clean to AUSTRALIAN STANDARD AS1627:4 – 2005 to a Class 2 ½ near white metal finish. Apply Flexacoat® within 3 hours of blasting. For reinforcing steel, remove rust by abrasive blasting or power wire brush. A test patch should be applied if aged paint composition is unknown.

Mix Preparation

Empty all of the contents of the Part B container into the Part A container. Ensure that the container is emptied by using a trowel or scraper to scrape all remaining material from the container corners.

The epoxy compound should then be mixer at a very slow speed of 250 rpm, or by hand. Mixing should continue until it is clear that the product has a constant consistency and colour.



CHEMRITE® Flexacoat® can be applied by brush, roller or airless spray to prepared surfaces.

Spot patching on rivets, seams and holes etc. can be done with a brush if necessary.

Roller application should be done with an 8-12mm nap epoxy-safe roller. Thinning is not recommended.

When spraying, a conventional airless gun can be used. A typical set-up such as the Graco Xtreme 56:1 with a fluid tip of 22-27 thou should be used. Pressure at the pump should be between 600 and 1000 KPa.

Coating should be applied to a dft of approximately 300 μm per coat.


All tools and spillages can be cleaned before the curing process has started using the Epoxy cleaner (A011).

Safety Precautions

Whenever applying an epoxy resin, protective clothing must be worn. At a minimum, suitable rubber gloves and protective eyewear must be worn.

This epoxy is classified as hazardous and it is recommended that you refer to the Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS).


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