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HSFC - High Strength Medium Cure Grout


High Strength Medium Cure Epoxy Grout

CHEMRITE® HSMC epoxy grout is a high strength, pumpable grout reaching high structural strengths. It comprises of a three part mix that is combined to a flowable, self-levelling compound.


CHEMRITE® HSMC epoxy grout offers excellent structural properties, most of which far exceed those of any cementitious product. It is non-shrink and can easily be pumped great lengths, even under water.

It develops high early strengths. After 24 hrs (25o C), it will develop approximately 70% of its ultimate values. Superior Fatigue strength - CHEMRITE® HSMC epoxy grout offers excellent fatigue strength when compared to any cementitious system.

Due to the high static strength CHEMRITE® HSMC epoxy grout has, it can offer fatigue strengths up to 10 times that of normal concrete.

High Tensile strength - CHEMRITE® HSMC epoxy grout offers a significantly higher tensile strength.

Some other features:

  • Underwater grout
  • Excellent adhesion
  • Excellent chemical resistance
  • Non-shrink
  • Impermeable

Typical applications

  • Heavy duty grouting
  • Grouting where high impact is expected
  • Underwater grouting
  • Grout high heavy duty supports
  • Rail grouting
  • Wharf or ship loading grouting
  • Pile grouting
  • General concrete repairs




Work time  (@25°C , 55% RH )

15 Minutes

Full Cure Time (@25°C , 55% RH )

24 hours

Bond to concrete

Concrete failure

Compressive Strength (ultimate)

82 MPa

Compressive Strength (3 hours)


Flexural Strength (3 hours)

29 MPa

Specific Gravity


Shelf life

2 years


Can be coloured

Solids Content



Not used for large pours


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