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High Strength Epoxy Pad Grout


Epoxy Pad Grout

CHEMRITE® High Strength Epoxy Pad Grout is a proven multipurpose, two component, high solids epoxy grout specifically designed to provide the user more structural benefits and workability.

Typical applications

  • Precision support in high dynamic loading conditions
  • Machinery base grouting
  • Rail anchoring and grouting
  • Structural anchoring
  • Bearing grouting


This versatile, multipurpose, pourable product is formulated to maximise structural strength and maintain excellent workability. The mix can easily be applied by hand. This flowable and self-levelling compound is excellent for rail anchoring and grouting, machine grouting, structural anchoring or constructing bearing pads where high early strength is required. The self-levelling properties make it easy to fill tight corners or attain the shape you want, and its de-airing properties assist reducing entrapped air to maximise compressive strength.

Some other features

  • Self-levelling
  • Excellent flow
  • Excellent chemical resistance
  • High mechanical strength
  • Easy mixing
  • Excellent adhesion
  • Non-shrink



Pad Grout

Work time (@25°C , 55% RH )

10 Minutes

Initial Cure Time (@25°C , 55% RH )

3 hours

Full Cure Time (@25°C , 55% RH )

24 hours

Bond to concrete

Concrete failure

Compressive Strength (3 hrs @25°C)

75 MPa

Compressive Strength (Ultimate)

80 MPa

Flexural Strength (Ultimate)

27 MPa

Tensile Strength

19 MPa

Fracture Energy

1.28 KJ/m2

Specific Gravity



Not suitable in large volumes


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