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We're looking for top quality tradies, applicators and companies to partner with. As a CHEMRITE Partner you'll have access to all our expertise and advice, plus you will receive wholesale pricing on our products. We're always developing new products, and as a CHEMRITE Partner we can work with you to customise our products to best suit your needs.

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Projects and Tenders

If you're responding to project tenders and you're thinking of using our products, let us know. We'll give you the best wholesale pricing and we'll help you write your tender response, providing you with all the technical information related to our products (including safety sheets).

Looking for an Applicator?

The people and companies below are trusted partners who know our products and do work that we can recommend. If you're looking for someone to help you get your project right, these are the numbers to call.

Epoxy Solutions

Epoxy Solutions is a leading provider of solutions for asset remediation and protection. With senior staff having over 40 years’ experience in the application of various construction products we have been proven to be the preferred solution provider by many asset owners. We pride ourselves on our technical expertise, and on how well it complements the practical experience we have gained, when working on either a large or small specialised project. Partnering with selected designers and product manufacturers, we offer a full design and construct service.
Phone: +61 7 3205 4855 

Vans Home Improvements and Maintenance

Specialising in Epoxy Coating and Decorative Flooring
Phone: +61 401 862 510