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Chemrite® Wet-to-Dry
Water-Base Primer / Adhesive



The CHEMRITE® WET-TO-DRY is a water-based Primer / Adhesive used in industrial applications to improve the bond between existing substrate and fresh or green concrete. It is also used as a low VOC primer for CHEMRITE® epoxy coatings and some other protective coatings.



CHEMRITE® WET-TO-DRY is a versatile primer that has a high tensile strength and cures at low temperatures. Due to its strong adhesion properties, it is an excellent product to use as a bond between existing and fresh cementitious compounds.

Key Attributes

  • Zero VOCs

  • Solution and colour stable

  • Low shrinkage

  • Good through-cure

  • Bonds well to green concrete

  • Excellent adhesion

Typical Applications

  • Primer for concrete repair

  • Primer for epoxy coatings

  • Primer for CHEMRITE® epoxy coatings

  • Bonding fresh concrete to existing

  • Repairs to damaged floors


  • CHEMRITE® HSFC is packaged in 2, 4, 10 and 20 litre kits.

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