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Chemrite® Flexacoat WP



CHEMRITE® Flexacoat® WP system is a high strength, flexible membrane used to limit water passing through permeable substrates.

It is a three part compound that forms an impermeable membrane of approximately 2-3 mm thick.



  • CHEMRITE® Flexacoat® WP system offers excellent waterproofing properties, most of which will exceed those of any cementitious product. It is non-shrink and will maintain its form during the cure process. 

  • CHEMRITE® Flexacoat® WP can be used on the negative side when the substrate is prepared correctly and primed. It does not contain solvents and thus will not release strong smells.

  • High Tensile strength - CHEMRITE® Flexacoat® WP system offers a significantly higher tensile strength than other membranes.

Key Attributes

  • Cure time can be accelerated by using Flexacoat FC

  • Excellent adhesion

  • Excellent chemical resistance

  • Non-shrink

  • Impermeable

  • Flexible

Typical Applications

  • Bridge deck sealing below final layers

  • Concrete slabs below fill

  • Negative membrane on some substrates

  • Sealing of leaking joints


  • Contact CHEMRITE® Technologies for packaging sizes.

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