CHEMRITE Technologies

Chemrite 2 to 1 Clear Epoxy Resin (Fast Curing)


Fast-Curing Clear Casting Epoxy Resin

Our clear casting resin is a high strength epoxy with good structural properties and good chemical resistance. It's also great for creatives.

Looking to make a river table? Epoxy bread board? Painting on canvas? We even have customers making trophies and fishing lures with our clear epoxy.

We formulated this mix to set quickly. The bubble release is excellent, and becasue it sets quickly you'll be sanding in less than 2 days. 

If this is your first project, please give us a call to talk about it or pop in to our factory in Brendale. We use this in our own projects and we're happy to share the lessons (and mistakes) we've picked up on the way.


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