CHEMRITE Technologies

CIT - Crack Injection (Thixotropic)


Epoxy Thixotropic Crack Injection

CHEMRITE® CIT is a thixotropic epoxy crack injection compound used to repair cracks in concrete structures. As the name states, the thixotropic properties make it the ideal compound to use when a low viscosity epoxy leaks or is difficult to restrain.

CHEMRITE® CIT can be used in high or low pressure applications. It is best suited to cracks between 1 and 3 mm (Low pressure) and 0.3 – 3 mm (High Pressure). CHEMRITE® CIT grouting compound is suitable for filling cracks down to 0.3 mm at the surface.

Benefits of CHEMRITE® CIT:

  • Thixotropic properties – Only flows under pressure, reducing the risk of leaking.
  • Can be used to seal wet crack (High pressure only)
  • Cost effective – very soft in the uncured state and thus allows for easier installation
  • High Modulus - CHEMRITE® CIT has a higher modulus than CHEMRITE® CILV
  • High early strengths Features
  • Deep penetrating
  • Bonds to damp concrete

Typical applications

CHEMRITE® CIT can be used in low or high pressure applications. Typical crack injection applications include:

  • Tunnel linings
  • Water retaining structures
  • Fractured concrete bases
  • Bridge decks
  • Concrete Piles
  • Concrete columns

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