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Concrete Bucket & Trowel

General Purpose Epoxy Grouts

CHEMRITE® CR – GP epoxy is a general purpose epoxy compound
used to repair damaged concrete. If thickened to the paste state, CHEMRITE® CR is an excellent product to repair spalled concrete.

Concrete Tile

Epoxy Floors

CHEMRITE® Epoxy Floor Coatings are high solids, high build, epoxy-based coatings which provides excellent abrasion resistance to concrete floors. They are easy to clean and coloured to a wide range of colours.


Metallic Epoxy Floors

CHEMRITE® MEF is a high quality and sophisticated epoxy designed to provide a stylish floor finish. Using a combination of pigments, CHEMRITE® MEP creates a shinny natural fluid-like effect on floors. Designer's creativity is the limit for the endless combinations of shapes and colours that can be achieved with this high-end epoxy system. It is very to apply, clean and maintain. 


Epoxy Flake Flooring

CHEMRITE® EFF is a 3-component system designed to provide a nicer, decorative finish to otherwise dull concrete floors. By using a decorative flake, CHEMRITE® EEF provides a granite-like finish. It provides a hard coating that resists hot tyre pickup and provides excellent abrasion and wear
resistance to foot and heavy vehicle traffic.

Ceramic Tiles


CHEMRITE® Epoxy Tile adhesive is a proven multipurpose, two component epoxy tile grout specifically designed to fill joints from 1.5-13 mm. Its lightweight properties make it easy to spread and allow it to cling in vertical joints while still allowing for easy water based clean up.

Modern Home Garage

External Flooring

CHEMRITE® EF has been designed to withstand changing weather conditions. Using a high wear resistance urethane system, CHEMRITE® EF can be combined with many different types of fillers to offer hundreds of colours, patterns and textures. It can be used in driveways, pathways and patios.

Black and White Hallway

Polished Concrete

CHEMRITE® PCS in its two version is a concrete sealer designed to be used in polished concrete floors. CHEMRITE® PCS-T is a top coat surface sealer designed to be applied to ground & sealed polished concrete floors. CHEMRITE® PCS-P is a penetrating sealer designed to be used with mechanically polished concrete floors. CHEMRITE® PCS helps to achieve neat, long-lasting, low maintenance and stylish finish flooring solutions.

Concrete Bucket & Trowel

Wet Areas Epoxy Grout

CHEMRITE® WA grout is a proven two component epoxy grout specifically designed to fill joints in wet areas such as kitchens and bathrooms. It offers maximum resistance to staining and chemical attack from food, beverages, chemicals and cleaning agents.

Swimming Pool

Pool Coatings

CHEMRITE® MC Pool is a high performance, chemical resistant epoxy coating used for protecting steel and concrete from attack from aggressive chemicals including chlorine. It forms and impermeable membrane, has a high abrasive resistance and provides a decorative finish.

Lab Experiments


CHEMRITE® Technologies was founded in Brisbane Australia after years of experience in the application and formulation of epoxy systems that required specific formulations to address critical issues in the built and construction environments.


The founders of CHEMRITE® Technologies used their expert knowledge in material technology along with their vast application knowledge to formulate products that not only outperform competitive products but are also easy to apply and have been designed to be used in residential, commercial and industrial applications.


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