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CHEMRITE Technologies was founded in Brisbane Australia after years of experience in the application and formulation of many construction projects. The founders of CHEMRITE Technologies used their expert knowledge in material technology along with their vast application knowledge to formulate products that not only outperform competitive products but are also easy to apply.

Not sure what we do?

Where are our products?

Our cementitious grout is strenghtening the Mission River Bridge piles under water in Weipa.

Our SSR-300 is protecting carrier beams and oven doors against chemical erosion at a galvanising plant.

Our MC coating is used in public council pools across Brisbane and Moreton Bay.

Our CILV (Crack Injection, Low VIscosity) repaired cracks in over 7km of the Legacy Way Tunnel in Brisbane (Dept of Main Roads Approved Product).

Our FP floor coat is protecting the King George Square parking lot, as well as garage floors all over Queensland.

Our hard-wearing, chemical-resistant and fast-curing grout is protecting workshop floors (strength measured at over 100 MPa)

Our 2:1 general purpose clear epoxy resin is being used creatively by hobby enthusiasts building river tables and art works.

Our Pad epoxy is being used to grout the bearings at the Russell Terrace Bridge.

Our HSMC epoxy grout is strengthening pier 10 of the Burnett River Rail Bridge (Queensland Rail) and also protecting steel piles from corrosion under bridges in the Middle East.

Our clear casting resin is great for home projects

Getting Creative?

Chemrite 2 to 1 Clear Epoxy Resin

Chemrite 2 to 1 Clear Epoxy Resin


Clear Casting Epoxy Resin

Our clear casting resin is a high strength epoxy with good structural properties and good chemical resistance. It's also great for creatives.

Looking to make a river table? Epoxy bread board? Painting on canvas? We even have customers making trophies and fishing lures with our clear epoxy.

We formulated this mix to be easy to work with. The bubble release is excellent, and we slowed the curing time down to give you a bit more working time and it doesn't get as hot as our fast curing resin. You'll still be able to sand within 2 days though. 

If this is your first project, please give us a call to talk about it or pop in to our factory in Brendale. We use this in our own projects and we're happy to share the lessons (and mistakes) we've picked up on the way.