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Getting Creative?

Our CHEMRITE® 2 to 1 Clear Epoxy is great for craft projects. It is a general purpose clear casting epoxy designed to be used by either hobby enthusiasts or professional artists. It is a high strength epoxy resin with good structural properties and good chemical resistance. It is ideal for building river tables and other art works such as epoxy bread board, sculptures, painting on canvas and trophies. It is great for creatives. It can be moulded into any shape and you can choose among thousands of colours. Your imagination is the limit.

This mix has been formulated to be easy to work with. The bubble release is excellent, we have slowed the curing time down to give you a bit more working time and it does not get as hot as our fast curing resin. You will still be able to sand within 2 days though.


If this is your first project, please give us a call to talk about it or pop in to our manufacturing facility in Brendale to talk to a specialist about your project. We well be more than happy to assist.

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