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manufactures structural epoxies suitable to repair damaged concrete in industrial environments.


For example, our CHEMRITE® CR-GP in its different grades is used in industrial applications to repair damaged or spalled concrete. Its  flowable grade mix is excellent for reforming concrete using formwork.

Its paste grade mix is putty-like 
and is very easy to apply and mould, and its rapid cure grade is used to repair damaged or  spalled concrete FAST.


CHEMRITE® TECHNOLOGIES Manufactures different grades of crack sealing and injection systems.


Our CHEMRITE® Joint Sealant Epoxy is a high solids, flexible epoxy which specifically designed for sealing from small cracks to large construction and control joints in concrete structures.

CHEMRITE® CILV is a low viscosity epoxy crack injection system used to inject cracks in concrete structures to prevent water and air from reaching the steel reinforcing. 


CHEMRITE® TECHNOLOGIES manufactures pumpable epoxies that can be applied with standard grout pumps.


Our CHEMRITE® HSMC epoxy grout is a high strength, pumpable grout capable of reaching very high structural strengths. It comprises of a three-part mix that is combined to form a flowable, self-levelling compound.

Biological Purification

CHEMRITE® TECHNOLOGIES manufactures epoxy compounds suitable to be used in potable water systems.

Our CHEMRITE® Epoxy Paste F is easy to use and conforms to AS/NZS 4020:2005 for use in potable water areas. 


CHEMRITE® Spear Epoxy is a thixotropic epoxy compound 
used for soil stabilisation in wet or damp conditions.

CHEMRITE® Permeation Grout is a low viscosity deep penetrating grout that can be used to stabilise various 
types of sand. It can be used to help strengthen soils and  gravels by forming solid masses. 

wet to dry.jpeg

CHEMRITE®  WET-TO-DRY Epoxy is used in industrial applications to improve the bond between existing substrate and fresh or green concrete. It is also used as a low VOC primer for CHEMRITE® MH Epoxy and some other protective coatings. 

Industrial Printing

CHEMRITE® Technologies manufactures high performance, flexible, high solids chemical resistant epoxy coatings used for protecting steel and concrete from attack from aggressive chemicals in industrial environments. They
also provide high abrasion resistance. 


Our range of products includes coatings that are resistant to acid, alkalis, chlorides and other aggressive chemicals.


CHEMRITE® Technologies offers a range of concrete sealers and primers suitable for industrial applications. Our range includes high solids, solvent free, two part, low viscosity epoxy resins that bond to damp concrete. 

Our Primer can typically be applied by roller, brush or airless spray and serve as a great binders for levelling mortars and screeds.


CHEMRITE® Technologies offers a range of epoxy grouts and adhesives for industrial applications. Our Epoxy Gel is an industrial grade, thixotropic, non-migrating adhesive designed for bonding smooth or rough surfaces in horizontal, vertical or inverted 


Our CHEMRITE® HSMC epoxy grout is a high strength, pumpable grout capable of reaching very high structural strengths


CHEMRITE® BSE (Ballast Stabilisation Epoxy) is an epoxy compound specifically formulated to stabilise ballasts in high load situations. The proven technology strengthens the ballast by adhering to the individual aggregate to keep a stable, but porous surface, allowing water to pass through. This helps to prevent erosion or track movement caused by large dynamic loads.


CHEMRITE® Moisture Seal is a two component water based epoxy moisture and vapour barrier. It is a high performance two component, water-based epoxy coating 
to prevent water seepage and permeation for floors, walls, water tanks, reservoirs and/or water retaining structures. 

Water Drops

CHEMRITE® Flexacoat® WP system offers a high strength, flexible membrane used to limit water passing through permeable substrates.

We also offer our CHEMRITE® ESP Membrane which is a high performance ultraviolet stable, eco-friendly, flexible, water based waterproofing membrane. This is a proven solution for waterproofing applications  in industrial environments.

Workers at Gas Plant

CHEMRITE® Technologies' range of products include high solids, high build, flexible epoxy-based coatings that provide excellent chemical and abrasion resistance. These coatings are ideal for protecting steel and concrete structures in harsh industrial environment. They can also be coloured to the AS2700 colour range. 


CHEMRITE® structural grouts are high strength grouts used for high strength grout filling or pumping. The addition of specialised admixtures makes them
easy to use, workable high strength grouts. CHEMRITE® Technologies' grouts are versatile and due to their
high strength they can be used for many applications from fixing bolts to anchoring heavy structures in demanding circumstances.


CHEMRITE® Pad Grout is a proven multipurpose, two component, high solids, high strength epoxy grout specifically designed to provide the user more structural benefits and workability. 


CHEMRITE® Pad Grout is ideal for Precision support in high dynamic loading conditions and machinery base grouting.

Pile splice.jfif

CHEMRITE®  PSE (Pile Splice Epoxy) is a proven three
component, 100% solids epoxy grout specifically designed to attain high early strength in splicing application.

This pourable product is formulated to maximise structural strength and maintain excellent workability. It is a flowable compound and it is excellent for splicing pipes where pile driving time is limited. 

Bridge Construction

CHEMRITE® HS epoxy grouts are high strength, pumpable grouts capable of reaching very high structural strengths and suitable for marine/underwater applications. Medium cure and Fast cure grades are available. 

The advantage of the Fast cure grade grout is the high early strength gained. It is the ideal compound to be used as plug for the Medium cure grade grout or in situations where the volume is low and high early strengths are required.

Iron Bridge

CHEMRITE Technologies products also find useful applications protecting steel and concrete structures in marine environments. For example, CHEMRITE®  HSMC epoxy grout is a high strength, pumpable grout capable of reaching very high structural strengths. It is a versatile grout typically used to protect steel from corrosion on bridges, wharfs or jetties.

CHEMRITE® 133 combines excellent chemical resistance, specially to chlorides, and high strength making it an excellent protective coating for marine structures.


Some industrial projects where our products have been used include:


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