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Chemrite® Technologies manufactures different grades of epoxy mortars for concrete  rehabilitation. When thickened to a paste state, some of our mortars are excellent products to repair spalled concrete.

concrete joint.jpg

Chemrite® Technologies offers a range of flexible and rigid
epoxy sealants and fillers that have been designed for sealing from small cracks to large construction and control joints in concrete structures.

Concrete Bucket & Trowel

Chemrite® Technologies manufactures a range of epoxy and cementitious grouts for miscellaneous building applications. Our range includes fast curing, high strength, flowable, self-levelling and pumpable grouts capable of reaching very high structural strengths.

Orange Wall

Chemrite® Technologies offers concrete surface primers for many applications, including concrete polishing. Some of our primers even bonds to damp concrete. 

Chemrite® Technologies also offer industrial grade sealers used for protecting surfaces such as residential driveways, paths, patios, pool surrounds, garages and shed floors.

Concrete Tile

Chemrite® Epoxy Floor Coatings are high solids, high build, epoxy-based coatings which provides excellent abrasion resistance to concrete floors. They can be applied by roller or brush, are easy to clean and can be coloured to a wide range of colours.

They bond well to most smooth and rough surfaces and once cured they offer excellent resistance to many cleaning products.


CHEMRITE® Epoxy Floor Coatings can be combined with metallic pigments to create high quality, stylish floor finishes. Using a combination of pigments, a shinny natural fluid-like effect can be created on floors. Designer's creativity is the limit for the endless combinations of forms and colours that can be achieved with this high-end epoxy system. It is easy to apply, clean and maintain. 


When our CHEMRITE® FP is used in combination with decorative vinyl chips, it creates a 3-component system designed to provide a nice, decorative granite-like finish to concrete floors. CHEMRITE® Epoxy Flake flooring systems provide a hard coating that resists hot tyre pickup and provides excellent abrasion and wear resistance to both foot and vehicle traffic. It is ideal for garage floors.

Modern Home Garage

CHEMRITE® Technologies line of products includes acrylic sealers and coloured urethanes coatings designed to protect and enhance the appearance of residential outdoor areas. These enhancing systems are UV resistant and can be combined with many different types of fillers, or coloured to offer hundreds of designs, patterns and textures. They are ideal for patios, driveways, pathways and balconies.


CHEMRITE® Epoxy Tile Grout is a proven multipurpose, two component epoxy tile grout specifically designed to fill joints from 1.5-13 mm in continually wet environments. Its lightweight properties make it easy to spread and allow it to cling in vertical joints while still allowing for easy water based clean up.

Light Stroke

CHEMRITE® offers clear polyurethane coatings that are UV resistant and can be used as top coats over epoxy coatings. they provide long term durability in both exterior and interior areas. They are re-coatable after good degreasing and light abrasion and are resistant to most graffiti removers. 

Water Drops

CHEMRITE® Flexacoat® WP system is a high strength, flexible membrane used to limit water passing through permeable substrates.

Swimming Pool

CHEMRITE® PC is a high performance, high solids chemical resistant epoxy coating specifically designed to be used as a pool lining. It provides a decorative finish and has a high abrasion resistance. 

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