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Fibre Reinforced Polymer
(FRP) Systems


CHEMRITE® Fibre Reinforced Polymer (FRP) Systems find applications in different durability and structural strengthening applications in the Civil Engineering, Manufacturing, Construction, Commercial and Marine Sectors. Offered in different materials, going from glass to aramid to carbon to hybrid fibres, in different fibre weaves (e.g., unidirectional and bidirectional) and densities, Chemrite® FRP systems can be manufactured to suit different shapes, thicknesses and strengths to meet the specific application requirements.

The lightweight properties along with the superior tensile strength and chemical resistance, provide the Chemrite® FRP systems with a great advantage over traditional systems in terms of ease of application, durability, and overall costs.

Typical applications of the Chemrite® FRP systems are found in:

  • Chemical protection and asset durability treatments of structures exposed to harsh environments (e.g. marine environments and industrial plants). 

  • Structural reinforcement of concrete, masonry and and timber structures.

  • Seismic strengthening of concrete structures.

  • Marine pile remediation.

  • Load capacity enhancements. 

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