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Chemrite® UVR Clear Epoxy



The CHEMRITE® UVR Clear Epoxy is a modified, industrial grade UV-resistant epoxy. The low-yellowing characteristics make it ideal to use as a top coat over epoxy floors. The blend contains an adhesive promoter and anti-cratering modifiers to assist the rheology to
achieve a uniform coating.​


CHEMRITE® UVRU Clear Epoxy contains UV inhibitors and additives to improve the clarity and slow down the epoxy yellowing. It has a high resistance to many harsh chemicals curse to form a hard wearing surface.

Key Attributes

  • Solution and colour stable

  • Zero shrinkage

  • Good through-cure

  • Bonds well to most smooth and rough

  • Low yellowing

Typical Applications

  • Clear coat over epoxy or flake floors

  • Mouldings

  • Adhesive

  • Chemical protection coatings


  • CHEMRITE® UVR Clear Epoxy is packaged in 1.5, 3 and 15 litre kits.

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