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Chemrite® Epoxy Injectors



Chemrite® Injection packers form an integral part of high pressure injection. When deep penetration is required, it is only the packer that holds the high pressure point to the substrate. Any leak will result in the loss of pressure, which will reduce the effectiveness of the pump injection.


Chemrite® injection packers incorporate a non-return valve in the lower portion of the packer. When the resin in injected under high pressure, it pushes the ball back allowing the resin to pass. When the pressure is removed, the ball is forced back to a seat where it blocks backflow. After the resin has set, the top can be unscrewed or broken off. This enables the base to be left in place leaving a small recess which can easily be filled using Chemrite® Epoxy paste or similar.

Key Attributes

  • Deep Penetration

  • Non-return valve

Typical Applications

  • Crack Injection

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