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Chemrite® 170
Polyurethane Top Coat / Sealer



CHEMRITE® 170 Coating is a UV resistant polyurethane finish used of long term durability in both exterior and interior areas. It is re-coatable after good degreasing and light abrasion. CHEMRITE® 170 is also resistant to most graffiti removers.


CHEMRITE® 170 is supplied standard as a clear, however can be tinted. It has good gloss retention and flow-out of brush marks. Once fully cured, CHEMRITE® 170 has good wear resistance. 

Key Attributes

  • 170 is the ideal top coat when CHEMRITE protective epoxy coatings are used externally.

  • When tinted, CHEMRITE® 170 provides excellent UV resistance to the epoxy.

Typical Applications

  • Building maintenance

  • Concrete Sealer

  • Top coat over epoxy coatings

  • Sealer for decorative coatings

Chemical Resistance

  • Solvents

  • Fuel

  • Oils

  • Food emulsion

  • Ammonia solution (40%)

  • Salts

  • Hydrochloric Acid (33%)​


  • CHEMRITE® 170 is packaged in 3 and 6 kits.

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