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Chemrite® 175
Anti-Graffiti Protection Coating



CHEMRITE® 175 Coating is a UV resistant polyurethane clear sealer for porous surfaces.  It brings out the colour of the substrate and makes the surface easier to clean. Unlike epoxy sealers it does not yellow and chalk over time on exposure to sunlight.


CHEMRITE® 175 is supplied as a low viscosity 2 pack coating. While its primary function is sealing, it is also very durable with good abrasion and chemical resistance extending the areas in which it can be applied.  When required it is re-coatable after good degreasing and light abrasion. CHEMRITE® 175 is also resistant to most graffiti removers.

Key Attributes

  • It shows good flow and penetration into porous surface leaving a gloss finish free of brush marks.

  • It shows good cure in cool conditions. 

Typical Applications

  • Anti-graffiti Protection

  • Tile sealer (unglazed)

  • Concrete Sealer

  • Top coat over epoxy coatings

  • Dust sealer

Chemical Resistance

  • Solvents

  • Fuel

  • Oils

  • Food emulsion

  • Ammonia solution (40%)

  • Salts

  • Hydrochloric Acid (33%)


  • CHEMRITE® 175 is packaged in 3 and 6 kits.

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