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Chemrite® Moisture Seal
Water Based, Waterproofing Epoxy Primer



CHEMRITE® Moisture Seal is a two-component, water-based, waterproofing epoxy primer. When cured, Moisture Seal forms a waterproofing vapour and moisture barrier that prevents water seepage and permeation through floors, walls, water tanks, reservoirs and/or water retaining structures. Moisture Seal is a high-performance coating suitable for industrial applications and can be used over damp concrete or screeds.



CHEMRITE® Moisture Seal is a two part compound that can be applied by airless gun, roller or brush. It can serve as a primer or sealer over concrete.

Key Attributes

  • Excellent Primer

  • Good through cure

  • Bonds well to wet/damp surfaces

  • Zero VOC’s – no nasty smells

  • Easy 1:1 mixing ratio

  • Easy to apply

  • Water clean-up

  • Non-flammable

Typical Applications

  • Low vapour transmission barrier prior to the application of epoxy paints

  • Primer for epoxy coatings

  • As a waterproofing membrane to prevent water seepage or moisture penetration

  • A general epoxy for concrete protection and sealing


  • CHEMRITE® Moisture Seal is packaged in 10 litre kits.

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