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Chemrite® Clear Casting Epoxy



CHEMRITE® Clear Casting Epoxy is a versatile high strength epoxy system with good structural properties and good chemical resistance suitable for a variety of casting projects.


CHEMRITE® Clear Casting Epoxy is manufactured as a 2 to 1 clear epoxy resin compound and it can be pigmented to any desirable colour. This epoxy mix is an excellent choice for artworks such as river tables, chopping/bread boards, coasters, paintings on canvas, trophies, or any other artistic creations.


  • This mix has been formulated to be easy to work with. It releases bubbles effortlessly when a heat gun is used. It also has low exotherm properties, which means it will not get as hot as some other epoxies used.

  • CHEMRITE® Clear Casting Epoxy cures after only 24 hours.

Key Attributes

  • Clear

  • 2:1 mixing ratio

  • Easy to apply – great for artists

  • Low to zero VOC’s, which means low smells

  • Industrial grade epoxy resistant to most chemical spills

  • Easy to clean

Typical Applications

  • Artworks

  • River Tables

  • Chopping Boards

  • Bread Boards

  • Coasters

  • Trophies

  • Statues


  • CHEMRITE® Clear Casting Epoxy is packaged in 1, 3, 6, 15 and 60 litre kits.

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