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Chemrite® HSFC
High Strength Fast Cure Epoxy Grout



CHEMRITE® HSFC epoxy is a pumpable epoxy grout capable of reaching early high structural strengths. It is manufactured as a three part mix, forming a flowable compound. The advantage of HMFC is the high early strength gained. It’s the ideal compound to be used as plug for other grouts or in situations where the volume is low and high early strengths are required.


CHEMRITE® HSFC is a versatile, multi-use high strength and low temperature cure epoxy compound. The flowable compound makes it easy to fill tight corners or attain the shape you want.

Superior Fatigue strength - CHEMRITE® HSFC epoxy grout offers excellent fatigue strength when compared to any cementitious system. Due to the high static strength CHEMRITE® HSFC epoxy grout has, it can offer fatigue strengths up to 10 times that of normal concrete. It can also be coloured to suit neighbouring concrete or painted if required.

Key Attributes

  • Multi-purpose use

  • Can be used underwater

  • Excellent adhesion

  • Good chemical resistance

  • Fast curing

  • Non-shrink

  • Low temperature cure

Typical Applications

  • Forming a bottom plug for underwater applications

  • Low volume grouting (Due to high exotherm)

  • Joining or repairing concrete pipes

  • General concrete repairs


  • CHEMRITE® HSFC is sold in 15 litre kits.

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