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Chemrite® High Strength
Epoxy Pad Grout



CHEMRITE® High Strength Epoxy Pad Grout is a proven multipurpose, two component, high solids epoxy grout specifically designed to provide the user more structural benefits and workability.



This versatile, multipurpose, pourable product is formulated to maximise structural strength and maintain excellent workability. The mix can easily be applied by hand. This flowable and self-levelling compound is excellent for rail anchoring and grouting, machine grouting, structural anchoring or constructing bearing pads where high early strength is required. The self-levelling properties make it easy to fill tight corners or attain the shape you want, and its de-airing properties assist reducing entrapped air to maximise compressive strength.

Key Attributes

  • Self-levelling

  • Excellent flow

  • Excellent chemical resistance

  • High mechanical strength

  • Easy mixing

  • Excellent adhesion

  • Non-shrink

Typical Applications

  • Precision support in high dynamic loading conditions

  • Machinery base grouting

  • Rail anchoring and grouting

  • Structural anchoring

  • Bearing grouting


  • CHEMRITE® High Strength Epoxy Pad Grout is packaged in 6, and 10 litre kits.

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