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Chemrite® Epoxy Bar Grout



CHEMRITE® Bar Grout is an easy-to-use, 2-component epoxy cartridge for securing re-bar or threaded bar in concrete, timber, stone, or masonry. CHEMRITE® Bar Grout is also manufactured to a quick-set (QS) grade. Bar development lengths in accordance with AS3600. CHEMRITE® Bar Grout is suitable for dry, damp and wet holes.



CHEMRITE® Bar Grout is a versatile, multipurpose, no-mess epoxy formulated to attain high strength. The QS version is a very fast cure, sag-resistant compound that is great to fix bars.

Key Attributes

  • No-mess

  • Easy dispensing

  • Multi-purpose – can be used to fill holes/gaps

  • Excellent adhesive

  • Allows for oversized holes (accommodates holes up to 3 times the bolt diameter)

Typical Applications

  • Threaded Studs

  • Starter Bars

  • Remedial Wall Ties

  • Filling and repair of holes or deformations


  • CHEMRITE® Bar Grout is packaged in 600 ml cartridges and 2, 4, 10 and 20 litre kits.

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