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Chemrite® CR – GP
Concrete Repair​ Mortar (General Purpose)



CHEMRITE® CR – GP is a high solids epoxy compound used in industrial applications to repair damaged or spalled concrete. If thickened to the paste state, CHEMRITE® CR is an excellent product to repair spalled concrete. The compound is manufactured as a three part mix, giving the users the advantage of changing the consistency from a flowable compound to a non-sag paste. CHEMRITE® CR -GP has excellent adhesion qualities and excellent chemical resistance.


CHEMRITE® CR - GP is a versatile, multi-use high strength and low temperature cure epoxy compound. The flowable compound is excellent for reforming concrete using formwork. The self-levelling properties make it easy to fill tight corners or attain the shape you want.

When thickened with CHEMRITE® epoxy aggregate, the compound will become a paste. The paste mix is putty-like and is easy to apply and mould. It is excellent for shaping or filling voids where shuttering is not possible or not necessary. Its non-sag paste-like consistency before hardening is suitable for knifing or trowelling onto vertical and overhead surfaces. It can also be coloured to suit neighbouring concrete or painted if required.

Key Attributes

  • Multi-purpose

  • Excellent adhesion

  • Good chemical resistance

  • Low viscosity

  • Non-shrink

  • Low temperature cure

  • Various colours

Typical Applications

  • Repairing damaged and honeycombed concrete in walls, piles, bridges, holding tanks, concrete floors, support structures

  • Covings

  • Joining or repairing concrete pipes

  • General concrete repairs


  • CHEMRITE® CR - GP is packaged 11 litre kits.

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