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Chemrite® Joint Sealant Epoxy



CHEMRITE® Joint Sealant Epoxy is a high solids, flexible epoxy which specifically designed for sealing small cracks to large construction and control joints in concrete. It is manufactured to three grades:

1. LV – This is a low viscosity liquid that can be used to fill hairline cracks in concrete.

2. SL – This is a self-levelling joint sealant that will flow smoothly into grooves without tooling.

3. NS – This is a flexible non-sag epoxy that is generally used for sealing gaps that are inclined, or where a self-levelling compound is not required.


CHEMRITE® Joint Sealant Epoxy is a 2 part compound that is designed to absorb the stresses and traffic normally experienced in concrete slabs. It will withstand movement of up to 10% total joint.

Key Attributes

  • Food safe

  • Good through-cure

  • Bonds well to most smooth and rough surfaces

  • Excellent resistance to many chemicals

  • High flexibility

  • Many colours

  • Low VOC’s

  • Easy to apply

  • Low VOC’s

  • Easy to apply

Typical Applications

  • Workshops

  • Cold rooms

  • Abattoirs

  • Warehouse floors

  • Factory floor

  • Parking structures


  • CHEMRITE® Joint Sealant Epoxy is packaged in a 600 ml easy to use cartridge, as well as 2,4 and 10 litre kits.

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