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Chemrite® CILV
Crack Injection Epoxy



CHEMRITE® CILV is a low viscosity epoxy injection system used to repair cracks in concrete structures to prevent water and air from reaching the steel reinforcing. It is also used to seal small gaps between It can be used in high or low pressure applications and it is suitable for filling cracks/gaps down to 0.2 mm at the surface.


• Deep penetrating
• Bonds to damp concrete
• Excellent chemical resistance

Key Attributes

  • Low viscosity – provides deeper penetration and improved adhesion

  • Cost effective – low viscosity allows for easy installation

  • Easy to use – CHEMRITE® CILV system includes items required to carry out repair

  • High early strengths

Typical Applications


CHEMRITE® CILV can be used in low or high pressure applications. Typical crack injection applications include:

  • Structural components

  • Tunnel linings

  • Water retaining structures

  • Fractured concrete bases

  • Bridge decks

  • Concrete Piles

  • Concrete columns


  • CHEMRITE® CILV is also packaged in 3, 15 and 30 litre kits.



CHEMRITE® CILV has been approved by the Queensland Department of Transport and Main roads as a conforming product for concrete element repairs.

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