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Chemrite® Spear
Soil Stabilisation Epoxy



CHEMRITE® Spear Epoxy is a thixotropic epoxy compound used for soil stabilisation in wet or damp conditions. It is a fast curing two component that can be injected under high pressure. The thixotropic nature resists the compound escaping to underground drainage or the environment. While curing it will not expand and will not lose volume on full cure. Excellent to use in areas of high loading.


Chemrite® Spear Epoxy is a 100 % solids epoxy compound that is guaranteed for 15 years against loss of dimensional stability. It is highly resistant to aggressive chemicals including those often found in acid soils.

Chemrite® Spear Epoxy is fast curing. The area can be stressed 4 hours after completion (at 25 Degree Celsius).

Chemrite® Spear Epoxy is insensitive to water. It is not affected by the presence of water and thus can be used in damp or wet soils.

Chemrite® Spear Epoxy is thixotropic. The pseudo plastic properties make this product less likely to flow to open areas such as drains.


Chemrite® Spear Epoxy is environmentally friendly. The cured material will not harm the environment as it is non-reactive.

Key Attributes

  • Thixotropic

  • Impermeable when in solid form

  • Excellent adhesion

  • Excellent chemical resistance

  • Non-shrink

  • Solvent free

  • Will not expand or change volume

Typical Applications


  • Soil Stabilisation

  • Pile Splicing

  • Crack Injection


  • CHEMRITE® Spear Epoxy is packaged in 8 and 16 litre kits. 

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