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Chemrite® 180
Hydrophilic Polyurethane Waterstop



CHEMRITE® 180 is a single component hydrophilic polyurethane sealant that reacts with water to form an open cell flexible polyurethane seal.


  • CHEMRITE® 180 is a low viscosity resin that can be injected into fine gaps and cracks. It has excellent flexibility and adhesion, making it a high quality water stop.

Key Attributes

  • Ultra low viscosity (cracks < 0.3 mm)

  • Rapidly forms a highly resilient seal that is flexible to allow for movement

  • Excellent adhesion

Typical Applications


  • Leaking tunnels and underground structures

  • Concrete joints

  • Leaking structures

  • Ground stabilisation

  • Sealing of water leaks through expansion joints

  • Sealing of water leaks through embankments


  • CHEMRITE® 180 is packaged in 20 litre pails.

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