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Our CHEMRITE® CILV was selected to be used in the Brisbane's Legacy Way Tunnel to repair cracks in a 28 meter long post-tensioned beam. CHEMRITE® CILV is a flowable crack repair system specifically formulated to achieve high strength, whist still maintaining a good pot life at a very low viscosity.


Based on the size and location of the cracks in the beam, a combination of low and high pressure was required to inject the repair material into the cracks. Its low viscosity allows CHEMRITE® CILV to be pumped at both low and high pressures, which made it ideal for this job.

After completing the repair, cores were taken to confirm penetration. Approximately 20 cores were taken across the beam cracks. Penetration of CHEMRITE® CILV into the cracks was measured to a depth of up to 1000mm, confirming its effectiveness.

crackinjection Legacy Way.png
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