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CHEMRITE® Spear Epoxy and Slab Grout were used to stabilise the soil at the Fortitude Valley Tunnel Rail Track. There were irregularities on the track that suggested subsidence of the ground support beneath the track slab. In many places, the track and concrete slab had dipped.


When pumped under high pressure (up to 3300 PSI) our CHEMRITE® Spear Epoxy displaces water and air in the ground formation, forming a more stable foundation. Additionally, CHEMRITE® Spear Epoxy reaches strengths of over 80 MPa which coupled with the consolidation of soils provides a foundation with significantly higher bearing capacity.

The accompanying figure illustrates the pumping process adopted to stabilise the formation and build a high strength epoxy column to support the track slab.

ground stabilisation.png
Soil stabilisation process.png
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